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We work relentlessly to sell your home.

Are You Ready?

At Live & Play Cincinnati, we know that a successful sale happens when we work together as your real estate team. You can count on our systems and networks to ensure that your home is marketed aggressively with the hopes of achieving the highest price possible.  With our combined experience, we have the competitive advantage you are looking for when selling your home.  Contact us to get started.

"Beverly went out of her way to take care of things for me since I live out of town. She was awesome."


If you don't have any idea where you want to go, then does it really matter which path you take? Live and Play Cincinnati is here to help you plan. Now that you are thinking about that, we can begin to focus on what to do to be ready to actually sell your home.

The Selling Process

We make sure to help you sell your home by considering all your needs and assisting you to determine your best options.

Get ready for an exciting ride!
  • Get Energized

    It starts with getting your home ready for sale. The first impression of your home is the one that buyers will remember so start cleaning, de-cluttering and polishing. Contact us to price your home correctly and be ready for the buyers!

  • Start Gathering Documentation

    What updates have you made during your time of ownership? Some important information to have is the actual age of the roof, and all systems and appliances in your home. Every buyer asks for this information before writing an offer so you might as well start gathering it now.

  • Sign Our Listing Agreement

    We bring decades of diverse experience that is unsurpassed by most real estate agents. Combining our background and experience gives you the confidence that all angles of your transactions are covered and we will help you negotiate your best deal.

What Kind of Seller Are You?

Selling to Buy

Looking to sell? For most people this is the first step to a new home.

Cutting In Line

What is my home worth? - Exactly what a ready, willing, and able buyer will pay.

First-Time Seller?

Get the knowledge you need to become a savvy seller.

Are You An Experienced Seller?

You can still use the knowledge and advice from our professional agents.

Is Your Biggest Asset a Big Question?

You have a ton of questions when it comes to selling a house. We know the answers.

The Live and Play Cincinnati Advantage

Our professional work day and night to make sure your transition goes smoothly.

It's a multi step let's get started!


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