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Finding the perfect neighborhood for your family in Cincinnati.


The Village of Glendale is a unique historical oasis located in Hamilton County, Ohio. Originating in 1851 and incorporated in 1855, Glendale was originally a residential development considered to be far enough away yet close enough to industrial Cincinnati. The…

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Hyde Park

Founded in 1896, Hyde Park was developed with the goal of preserving both natural and architectural beauty in the area. Today, this goal continues as citizen’s take pride in maintaining the historical charm of the area and making Hyde Park…

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Founded in 1910, the City of Madeira was originally constructed near the railroad line running between Cincinnati and Parkersburg, West Virginia. Over the years, the City of Madeira has maintained a small-town feel with a variety of housing options for…

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Founded in 1815, Mason was originally created by William Mason, a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Mr. Mason purchased what is now Downtown Mason at auction in 1803. Years later, in 1815, he established 16 lots on the land and…

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Indian Hill

Founded in 1795, the Village of Indian Hill began as a thriving farming community. In the early 1900s, businessmen from Cincinnati started to take notice of the areas beauty and began purchasing farmhouses. The beautiful properties were soon transformed into…

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Founded in 1795, the charming community was named after the New York town of its original settlers. Today, the City of Montgomery offers a variety of flourishing neighborhoods featuring elegant single family homes, multi-family townhouses, and condominiums.

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