To Potential B&B Owners

If you’re living in a house with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and space than you need, you’re well on your way to owning and operating your very own bed and breakfast. Meet and lodge friendly travelers, share a home-cooked meal at breakfast and dinner, and keep the place spick and span. We can almost hear the beckoning ding of the brass bell at Guest Sign-In. How delightful! Or draining. If you’ve raised a few kids you probably already know what it’s like to run a B&B, and delightful might not be the first adjective that comes to mind. Now a Mediterranean cruise? That sounds delightful. Downsizing unlocks equity in your home by trading the space you don’t really use for space that you will, giving you more financial freedom to enjoy something like a cruise. But, to gain the most out of this transition, it’s important you make the move correctly. Let’s get together and chat about your plans. A little planning can have a big impact on the success of your sale and your peace of mind. Be prepared to wade through a quagmire of marketing fluff, however.  It can be hard to get a straight answer about a new build if you only work with the builder’s representative.  A trusted advisor can help you understand the crucial information you need to make the right decision. Let’s find a time to meet and discuss your needs and goals.
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