Tools for Buyers

Buying your new home should be a fun, exciting process. Here are some resources to help you be confident, whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions with the form at the bottom of the page, but from here you can:

What kind of Buyer are you?

First time around the block?  As a homebuyer, that is. Download our New Buyer Guide to find out more about buying and see how you can prepare. We can help you find the perfect home. Considering a newly-built home? You don’t always need land or a jumbo loan to afford new builds. Explore your options. Need more space?  Some good news: mortgage payments don’t directly correlate to square footage. You might be able to find 30% more space without paying 30% more per month. Find more space. Downsizing?  Downsizing can be a key step towards your financial goals, as long as it’s handled correctly. It’s certainly worth a little extra time and thought. We can help figure it out. Curious about other homes in your neighborhood?  Don’t worry – unless you’re a cat, it’s safe to feed your curiosity. If you’re not a cat we’d love to help. Investment Opportunities?  Real estate is an attractive investment for many reasons; and Cincinnati is ripe with overlooked opportunity. We’ll help you find the best options.
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